Full-service Law Firm for Northern Alberta

the-team-1If you run a business, we will help you find the right business structure, and help to grow and transition your business.

  • Incorporations and registrations: federal, provincial and extra-provincial registration, trade names, name changes, corporate Minute Books, and annual returns.
  • Creating business structures: multi-corporate structures, partnerships, franchises, joint ventures, professional corporations, limited partnerships and trusts.
  • Implementing reorganizations: tax-efficient rollovers, amalgamations, dissolutions, butterfly transactions, and trusts.
  • Negotiating ownership arrangements: unanimous shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, profit-sharing and stock options, joint venture agreements.
  • Buying or selling a business: share purchase and sale, asset purchase and sale, franchising, commercial real estate, transition of farming operations.
  • Corporate financing: leasing, real estate development, security agreements.
  • Strategic tax planning: review and planning of multi-corporation structures for tax efficiency and succession planning.

farm aerialWe help you buy or sell real property, including commercial, residential, and farm land.

  • Residential property: buying and selling homes, condominiums, new home construction, rural properties, mobile homes.
  • Commercial property: buying, selling, and leasing business properties, multi-unit residential properties, development permits and appeals.
  • Agricultural property: buying, selling, and leasing farming properties, subdivisions, auctions, sales by tender.
  • Secured financing: mortgage refinancing, construction mortgages, security agreements, vendor mortgages, agreements for sale.

the-team-1We provide comprehensive estate planning services for your personal and business affairs, and administer complex and high value estates.

  • Estate planning: farm and family business succession, wealth preservation, family trusts, gifts during life, joint ownership.
  • Drafting estate documents: wills, codicils, powers of attorney and personal directives.
  • Estate administration: applying for Grant of Probate or Administration, managing and reporting estate accounts, making final distribution to beneficiaries.
  • Estate settlements: negotiating agreements, drafting settlement documents.

Depositphotos_8202638_originalWe assist you to achieve fair settlements and resolve disputes, and we will advocate for you through the Courts.

  • Personal injury: motor vehicle and off-road accidents, pedestrian injuries, occupier’s liability.
  • Commercial disputes: contracts and shareholder disputes, debt collection, builder’s liens, construction.
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency: negotiation with creditors, risk management.
  • Estate litigation: family support claims, settlement agreements.


We help you come to agreement with your partner before, during, or after marriage or cohabitation.

Our experienced team will defend you in court and work to obtain the best possible result for you.

  • Driving offences: DUI, impaired operation, driving while disqualified, dangerous driving, dangerous flying.
  • Criminal offences: theft, fraud, assault, domestic assault, uttering threats, harassment, sexual assault, drug offences, youth offences.
  • Traffic offences: speeding, driving without a license, leaving the scene, careless driving.
  • Firearms offences: improper storage or transportation, unlicensed possession, prohibited weapons.
  • Animal offences: fish, hunting, and wildlife offences.